She’s Crafty: DIY Paper Clock Fun!

by Vanessa on October 26, 2009 · 1 comment

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In a world filled with drab utilitarian objects, doesn’t life feel better when the things you have to use and look at everyday are actually cute? One object that tends to be pretty lackluster is the wall clock. Though there are some pretty amazing clocks that I seriously covet out there, they tend to come with a price I can’t rationalize. Well, unless I plan to give up food for a month.

So I decided to try my hand at making my own. Using a basic clock kit (available at craft stores and some hardware stores), foam core and paper, I made the simple little friend above.

DESIGN: The sky’s the limit in terms of design. You can go as simple as you’d like or try a more complicated silhouette. Try layering the paper and foamcore for more dimension or using lightweight chain or a classic plastic beaded necklace to hang small objects like the weights on a cuckoo clock.


TOOLS OF THE TRADE: clock kit (available at craft stores and some hardware stores), tracing paper, foamcore board, scissors, tape, decorative paper, x-acto knife, spray adhesive or double sided tape, cutting mat or cardboard cutting surface, awl (or a sharp knitting needle works too!).

1. Using the longest hand in your clock kit as your radius, trace a circle to figure out the minimum size of your clock background. This way you can be sure the hands won’t go past the edges of your clock.


2. Place the circle on your sheet of tracing paper (you may need to tape a couple together to have a large enough workspace) and sketch out your clock design. If you want a symmetrical shape, fold the paper in half, draw out one side of your design, and then trace it on to the other half of the paper.

3. Cut out your design, leaving a couple of inches around the sides to allow for taping it down. Once you have a rough shape, cut the decorative paper to roughly the same size.

4. Spray the back of your decorative paper with spray adhesive OR line it generously with double sided tape.

5. Lay the decorative paper carefully on to the foamcore, starting with one end and slowly rubbing out any air bubbles or warping as you go.

6. Tape the traced design on to the decorative paper securely.

7. Using the X-acto knife, slowly cut out your design. You may need to go over the cuts a couple times to get through the foamcore cleanly. Take your time! It will mean less mistakes to clean up afterwards.

8. Once your shape is cut out, determine where you want the center of your clock to be and punch a small ‘x’ with the X-acto knife to start your hole. Then you can round it out using an awl, sharp knitting needle or even a pencil. The size of the hole will depend on your clock kit.


9. Follow the instructions on your clock kit, add your last pieces of flare and voila! You have a super cute clock that you made all by yourself. Nice work!

Finished Cloud Clock


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